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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why Accident Prone?

It was just suggested that I explain my moniker.

It probably started with the "hydro planing tricycle accident". Picture Arte Johnson from Laugh-In on a tricycle, only it was me. As Mom describes it, I was riding my tricycle to beat the band, hit some water and tipped right over and broke my collar bone.

Go forward to school years and we have the plethora of broken fingers, paper stuck in the eye etc. Step forward a couple years again and we have a couple of broken toes from Jukado classes.

Then we have numerous sports related injuries including knee surgery, just before orthoscopic surgery was the norm. (Have I dated myself yet?)

We move forward a few more years to life in Toronto. Walking our now departed Keeshonden through a hydro field, I twisted my ankle and broke it. A couple of years later walking through the front yard, headed to pick up my husband from the airport, I twist it again and break it again. Same exact fracture line, same emergency room doctor. In a city the size of Toronto - the same ER doc never happens.

Move forward about 5 years, I'm walking across a street in downtown Harrisburg and get hit by a car. Mess up my back (worse than it was) and get a concussion. (Still saying prayers of thanks that it was not worse). So November of 2005 I reach my one year anniversary, post car accident. Every now and then I brag at least to myself, heah I've made it over a year without something happening. Then 4 weeks ago, I fall down half a flight of stairs in the middle of the night. Take myself to the doctor in the afternoon, who sends me for x rays and the next day doctor says I have two broken bones (in the same foot I broke the ankle). They later find out it's three bones. (Again, saying prayers of thanks that it was not worse.) I'm sure I've left a couple of things out, but darn if that isn't enough, eh?

Explain knitter - I think that's yet to be seen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like your blogs. It is almost like listening to you in person. I appreciate the mention about me re-introducing your interest in knitting, although somehow it seemed more dramatic than that - like getting someone hooked on drugs! You ONLY have 2 WIPS's, Please, I have about six! I can't remember what season I am knitting for. (And then of course, I just picked up that book on crocheting.) I am thinking about knitting a pair of socks for the hubby, so maybe you can give me some tips based on your experience.
On the "knitting on the bias" problem - maybe you are mixing the Continental and English methods together. Or, maybe its because your a Republican. I wouldn't worry about the english and grammar errors too much. Your stories are well written. Besides, I've been know to make up words now and then. M

2:01 PM, April 17, 2006  

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