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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Grafting toes

I'm now at the point of grafting the toes for the leg warmer "also known as" sock. So I tried the puppy on and it's too big. Too loose in every aspect. Maybe it will shrink in the wash. But then again that might be like, "sure those shoes will stretch out after you wear them a couple of times". Like as in "when pigs fly". No offense meant to the pigs of course.

Maybe I should have made a swatch? Now why would I have done something as reasonable as that? My idea of a swatch is switching to smaller needles and starting over again. See this is actually a good learning experience for me. Once I get the sock done I will compare it to the leg warmer and then I'll have a picture of the difference needle sizes make.

I guess then I'll have to figure out how to post the pictures here.


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