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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hockey and Knitting

I'll start off by saying I love hockey. I've been home from a knitting S&B session for an hour or so just in time to catch my Colorado Avalanche vs Dallas Stars. Dallas just tied it up at 2 all in the 2nd, my comment to this is #$&*!@##$. The Av's are leading the series two games to nothing. I didn't see the first game but their second game was an ugly win in overtime. I'll get back to this in a minute.

The S&B session was fun. This is my third outing with this group and there were several of us there tonight. I met and she helped me out with fine tuning my Continental style purl stitch, and discovered we will be on the same ride to MDSW. Even a co-worker of my husband was there (Hi Katrina). We were all admiring and I was wondering how does that crocheting look just like knitting? It was totally cool. A couple ladies were there sans needle and yarn, I have a hard time leaving the house without my knitting let alone walking into a coffee shop without them. They are the sane ones, are they not?

Roberta has significantly more knitting experience than I, and so I showed her my leg warmer and what I am tentatively calling my sock. We both agreed that the leg warmer could probably be used as a Christmas stocking.

Back to Hockey and sports in general. We have a Canadian and an American in this house. Both of us are sports enthusiasts - he is usually a little more enthusiastic than I am and -

- arggghh Dallas just scored another goal and it's 3-2 for Dallas just before the buzzer for the end of the 2nd period -

Where was I? OK he's Canadian and I'm the American. During the Olympics it can get pretty ugly around here, you know "USA, USA, USA" chants versus "Go Canada Go". You get the picture. His NHL team is of course Toronto Maple Leafs, and mine of course the Colorado Avalanche. Whose team is in the playoffs? - MINE. He'll generally root for my team and I his, when they aren't playing against one another. But I say again, whose team at least made it to the playoffs? Yep, MINE. Now I just have to hope they do well. Av's second game they were leading 3-0, then the Stars came back 4-3 and Colorado had to get the win in overtime. As I said earlier a very ugly win. Let's hope the third period of tonights game is more attractive than that, otherwise I'm going to be really sorry for how much salt I'm rubbing into the wound.

Back to knitting. The item tentatively being called a sock is now at the "shape instep" process. I'll be working on it tomorrow evening at my other knitting group.

It's 11:30 and don't think I'm going to take the time to proof read this, so again I apologize to all grammar and english perfectionists.


Anonymous Rob said...

Hi Barb, It WAS fun getting together tonight. And you're right -- no problems at all leaving a comment. I'll see you on the bus to MDSW.

11:55 PM, April 26, 2006  

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