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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I slept through it ...

The Avalanche won last night, again in overtime, and again it was ugly. Of course that's what I hear, because I (very heavy sigh) slept through it. Fell asleep during the intermission. It was over less than two minutes into overtime. But, even though I wasn't cheering them on conciously, they still won (happy dance). They have one game to win to advance to the next round in the competition to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup. I don't expect the Dallas Stars to loose four straight but stranger things have happened.

Met up with my usual Thursday night knitting group for a couple of hours. I learn so much from these ladies. I've been having issues with picking up stitches, but with BB's help I'm happier with the result. I asked in general if they had seen the entry in blog about the yarn that is scented. JJ said she's seen needles that light up on the points. How cool is that!! I wonder though if they would be too distracting for me.

Some lovely colorways and textures are showing up in sock yarns at our gatherings but I have promised myself (were my fingers crossed at the time for an out?) not to buy yarn until MDSW. One of the ladies was knitting SO FAST I sat there amazed. BB showed us her lace shawl that she is almost done with. Beautiful. Maybe if I can get this leg warmer sock issue resolved I can figure out what my next step in knitting growth will be. Maybe a small lace project, or shadow knitting. I've seen some pictures of the shadow knitting, and the fabric it makes is really spectacular.

Planning to stop by a friends house on Saturday for a short time, the only problem is to get there I have to drive by one of our local yarn stores. As in drive by without stopping in and shopping. I hate challenges on a weekend.


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