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Friday, April 28, 2006

The wisdom of an 11 year old...

The one who is responsible for the plethora of scarves in different colors called today. We wanted more time to catch up but we both had our work calling us.

As always happens when knitters talk about life, the conversation always has to turn to the obsession, eh? So of course I'm mentioning to her the MDSW trip and saying wouldn't it be great to go together. I think she saw my dastardly plan of increasing her yarn stash though as she told me of her conversation with her son. It sounded kind of one sided actually "Mom, you can't buy any more yarn until you use what you have!" Let's keep in mind that he is 11 years old. Twenty or so years from now when he is married to a woman whose mother-in-law has tricked her into knitting as she did me, he'll be saying "Honey, you can't buy any more yarn until you use what you have!". He'll get this feeling of deja vu and wonder where he said those same words before.

So what's a Mom to do? Of course Mom's are examples to their children. Mom's have hobbies and their sons have their sports, books, bikes, music, toys, friends etc. Yarn is all that to Mom's. There I justified more shopping. Let's go to MDSW.

Moving on to Hockey

We are into the second period of the 4th game of the Colorado/Dallas series. Again, the Av's strike first but now it's Dallas leading 2-1. Slashing penalty just called on Dallas and my team is on the power play. This could get a little chippy, so I'm signing off.


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