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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lawn Fairy???

In response to Carl's needing a mowing hero, a lawn fairy showed up at my house while I was burning my eyeballs out at work (certain excel spreadsheets can do that, and I had the certain ones for the last four days) on a Saturday. I'm not talking some puny little fairy with wings mind you, it's one who just got done helping a friend move into a new house, I'm not done working here yet kind.

I arrived home in his car, to the first mowing occurrence of the season. Generally I mow the yard (I also shovel snow and have chopped firewood) as I enjoy it, but with the foot recuperating, and the sorry uneven state of the ground, walking on the weeds delusionally described as grass, is uncomfortable right now. The other major change was the hideous chain link fence was also taken down. When we bought the house, a year ago today actually, the property had a chain link fence that the he kind of liked. Me, not so much. The first couple of months in the house, I would curse and swear at the fence every time I cut the grass. He finally saw my wisdom (husbands generally do), but let's keep in mind that the posts for this fence were sunk in some concrete. He tells me it only took two hours; I did not ask for the count of swear words. He also painted the brake calipers on my car.

I imagine he will hit the driving range today as it is the golf season after all. I plan on sitting on the deck with my feet up, knitting, listening to a book on tape, and drinking ice tea.

On to knitting ....

I wasn't able to knit much last night as I said my eyeballs were burned out from work. I did finish the gusset on the item hopefully referred to as a sock. I found another work in progress it's a small purse that I am was making with a NORO product it's almost like a cord. I forget why I stopped, I think I lost my place or it wasn't working out right. Probably just need to start over. I'm determined to get this sock done though.

My Avalanche lost Friday night and as any hockey fan knows, the series clincher is always the hardest to win.


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