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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Eviction proceedings started

We live in a 125 year old home that has an exposed crawlspace in the basement. The home has it's charm and some historical roots in the area and we're out in the country. The temperature dropped drastically today. Yes, I'm setting the stage.

Something made me glance over to the top of the stairs tonight and there, ugly pretty as you please, stood a mouse. Thumbing his nose at me he was. He backed into his little hidey hole and MFB asked what was wrong. I don't think I used any colorful adjectives to describe the little...tenant. I may have. MFB went to look and out came the mouse. Definitely thumbing his nose.

I asked and no we don't have a mousetrap. I then asked for the usual other modes of dispatching an unwanted...rodent. Y'know - baseball bat, shotgun, Molotov cocktail, grenade. MFB asked if I was asking him to go buy a mousetrap.

I keep my yarn near the door to the basement and when I said yes he probably should because I could just picture the little...tenant deciding to eat my yarn. MFB said "Well we won't have to worry about him starving then will we?"



Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

LOL ;) Thanks for making me laugh till I cried - what a great way to start off the day! You rock, girl - and YFB does so too! ;)

4:19 AM, December 28, 2006  
Blogger Martina said... were all over my area!! Next time let's make a date! (at Tim Horton's for sure!) Sounds like you had a great time! EEK! A mouse! My house isn't as old as yours but we've had them before being near a ravine area. Seal up that yarn!! They are pests but so darned cute!

9:00 AM, December 28, 2006  
Blogger Beth said...

The house I grew up in was a hundred yards from a feed mill. Oh yeah, when it started getting cool in the fall was a *fun* time. My main tip is to wad up aluminum foil and plug all their holes with that (they can't chew through it). Good Luck!

9:51 AM, December 28, 2006  
Anonymous Francesca said...

Eek, mice! Well, let's hope it's just one mouse and that he'll leave on his own. I live in an old house, too, and we have mice and rats, but not in the actual living area. They like to go under the roof or in the basement. I think the only reason they stay away from "our quarters" is that we have two cats. Soon after we moved in, the cats caught two little mice inside, but since then the rodents have kept to "their side" of the house.
Good luck!

10:28 AM, December 28, 2006  
Blogger Charity said...

Ha, ha, ha! Isn't MFB just a bowl of cherries? :0)

I remember once picking up dh's jean jacket (which had been sitting on the floor by the front door for weeks - yes, I can be that kind of housekeeper). Dog food went flying everywhere, and this big, fat mouse landed at my feet. He looked at me, sat up on his back feet, and scolded me but good! Then he scarpered.

1:06 PM, December 28, 2006  
Anonymous KnittyOtter said...

o.0 That mouse has GOT to go! NOW!!

I hope your yarn is safe and secure.

That's awful. I hope it goes away soon.


1:54 PM, December 28, 2006  
Blogger Carol said...

I know the rodent population will decrease by one. He won't eat your stash, he'll just make a nest out of it. Safe to say no one you knit for will have mouse knit into their sweater?

6:37 AM, December 29, 2006  
Blogger Brigitte said...

I live in an old house too - about 115 years old. And in the Beaches, so we're close to the lake. I've had 2 mice in 8+ years. Both times they were promptly dealt with by my cute little mouser Mae. Then left for me as a gift! Oh joy.

I know I wouldn't want to be a mouse if it came to my own yarn stash!

7:28 AM, December 29, 2006  
Blogger KnittingJones said...

Eeek! Let me tell you what happened with my neighbor -- he told his wife to stop and pick up mousetraps on the way home, she came home with 2 kittens! Who were totally uninterested in the mice. Then, he (a gadget freak) found -- The Rat Zapper. Basically, an enclosed box that electrocutes whatever crawls in. Arghhhh! Would you go that far? :)

9:19 AM, December 29, 2006  
Blogger Carol said...

Thanks Barb! Hope the weather gets better. A Very Happy New Year to you all!!!

1:02 PM, December 31, 2006  
Anonymous emily elizabeth said...

eep! I recall when I found a dead and bloated moth next to my not so securely stashed yarn stash and it took me a day or two to actually make the connection. Don't you know I went through each and every inch of that yarn looking for wholes. Really now, don't get between a woman and her wool!

1:11 PM, January 01, 2007  

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