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Sunday, May 07, 2006

MDSW Hangover

My initiation into this festival was exciting, exhausting and overwhelming. Hence the hangover. I left the bus and headed into the masses. As a rule, I do not enjoy crowds (comes from my past as a police officer and having worked crowd control for a plethora of events) but this broke the rule and I had FUN. I spent most of my time on my own, mesmerized by all the fiber. I ended up making all my purchases before my lunch break. That's between 10:00 and 12:30. I went back to the bus for some air conditioning, a light lunch, another bottle of water and to stash my treasures. After a very pleasant chat over lunch I felt rejuvenated and headed back out at which time I discovered that I hadn't even made it to the Main Exhibition Hall.

Because I am one, I didn't know there was a term for me - MDSW Virgin. I am no longer. I was dubbed this by a knitter I met while waiting for Wendy to ask her to sign my copy of her book. The fellow knitter was there with a gift for Lucy, home grown catnip. I met several others including the Village Knittiot and her husband, who were both as nice as anything.

I have a tendency to be very literal and yet very scatter brained, and so when Wendy said that she was going to be outside the Main Exhibition Hall in the stage area, I read Stage, and kept thinking "Stage", even when she wasn't on the Stage. She actually was in the "stage area" as in sitting in the grass on the hill. When someone told me that there were a group of bloggers outside I still didn't put it together. After about 45 minutes of wondering where she was, I approached the "bloggers on the hill" and was overwhelmed by the numbers. I went from my usual outgoing self to fearing if I did utter those memorable words from Monty Python of "May I join your group" I would hear the Monty Python response of "No, p@*s off" One of the bloggers pointed Wendy out to me and so I went to ask her to sign my book. I came away with her signature and she was also gracious enough to answer a couple of questions. She also showed off the catnip she received.

One of the drawbacks to being a MDSW Virgin were the assumptions I made regarding the MDSW. Granted I did check out the website, but didn't realize the amount of sun I would get. I incorrectly assumed that this would be set up in a venue like the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg PA where most everything would be indoors. I did not bring sunscreen and so by the time I met up with the bloggers on the hill, I had reached my natural SPF alotted time in the sun. After spending a minute or two with Wendy, I beat feet back to some shade.

The shade I went to was the Main Exhibition Hall. I had made a fast cruise through while looking for Wendy and now I spent time to look over things closely. There was so much to see and take in that I went through the hall at least three times. I discovered that I am not the only knitter out there who touches, thinks, then thinks again. The amount of times that I said to myself, "set the hank down and step away from the wool", in my best cop voice I can't count. But I think I must have said it out loud once or twice because I did receive some amused and bemused looks. There was a woman there weaving hand made baskets that were just lovely. I resisted.

By the end of the third pass through I realized I looked like a deer in the headlights. I went outside for something cold and decided on a lemonade, yummy! I watched a little of the sheep judging contest and then headed back to the bus where I watched our trip organizer using a drop spindle and it looked very relaxing. After asking her questions, ok bugging her for five minutes, I think I have an interest in learning. The common sense part of me says, "yeah, right - why don't you try to finish your sock first". The fun side says "but, how cool" We'll see what happens as I realize it looks relaxing because she's been doing it for awhile. Show and tell on the bus was fun, I loved seeing the treasures everyone found.

Two things I heard in my sleep: Fibre asking me why I didn't take it home with me and the bleating of sheep.

Things I learned for next year: take sunscreen, more water, a hat and a better plan. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, especially with this group.


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