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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Note to Self

Dear Self,

Realize that just because you said that you were determined to finish the sock, you didn't specifically say when you were determined to finish the sock. It may have been inferred that you would finish the sock before you would pick up another project, but if you were honest with yourself you probably had your needles um fingers crossed. Have fun!!


I knew I shouldn't have thought about that cute little mitered purse pattern. I started thinking about the bright colors and knew my eyes needed a change and my fingers needed a different pattern for a little bit. I went upstairs last night, opened the plastic bin and there the colors were. It's Noro Daria Multi color #05 and made with one hank. The pattern came with the yarn and I bought the yarn in Reading PA at a great little shop called the Yarn Gallery. (If you're familiar with Reading but not the shop, it's very close to the Vanity Fair Outlet.)

It's difficult to describe this Noro product as a yarn, it's more of a cord really. I started looking at what I had accomplished on the pattern and remembered that I didn't understand part of the pattern. I "frogged" it and started over. This cord is difficult for me to work with as it's very stiff, but of course that will make the purse very sturdy. So I'll just forge ahead. Also had to rewind the ball. I just finished the front and it's looking like the picture, totally fun.

Whoo hoooo!!! Picked up my Wendy Knits book on my way home tonight. Nice job Wendy. I'll see you for a signature at MDSW. Love the patterns, and your writing.

Congratulations to another hockey knitting fan, Zarzeula Knits even if she's a Buffalo Sabres fan. Check out the gorgeous top she just finished. Her team downed the Philadelphia Flyers, and has moved on to the next round. My Colorado Avalanche have also moved on to the next round by knocking out the Dallas Stars.


Blogger Joanne M said...

Alas, Zarzuela (Jessica) must now face the wrath of the Ottawa Senators and I shall be cheering against the Sabres. (This being said without following up on what has happened since Friday night's crazy, crazy back and forth game.)

12:03 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger Joanne M said...

Not sure you left a return email on your comment (on, so I'll reply here. :-)

Unfortunately, my M-I-L does not know the joy of Tim Horton's... she is american. Born and raised in Providence, RI and the surrounding countryside. She doesn't like to travel much. She loves fibre. She loves animals. She loves llamas and oh, well, kayaking and skiing (yes, she's cool)... but Tim Horton's she does not know.

8:50 AM, May 11, 2006  

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