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Thursday, May 04, 2006

St. John's Wort pattern

Thought I would post a picture of the project that is torturing me, and maybe it would inspire me to start working on it again. This is called Laurel Summer Shoulder Bag from the 365 Patterns a Year 2005 Calendar. It's a Schaefer Yarn Company Pattern, but I am making it with Cotton Twist.

When I first started working on it I could not get the St John's Wort Pattern to work out correctly. I don't know if any of you seasoned knitters have heard of it, my fellow Thursday night knitters had not, and they seem to know a great deal. They thought my project looked good, but being the stubborn, persistent (I could go on) knitter that I am, that wasn't good enough for me. I called the Schaefer Yarn Co. and explained to them my issue. The very gracious woman I spoke with, called me back not ten minutes later, and said there was a problem with the pattern and walked me through it. She made me a fan for life thanks to her customer service.

I think I frogged this thing three times, but now I love how it looks. The problem with it now though is that the fun pattern is over with now I'm working on the strap and it's over 20inches long of 10 stitches per row of garter stitch. Back and forth, back and forth, back.... I could go on. But that's the problem, I'm not going on. It's sooooo boring. The other problem is that I'm half done with the strap that I was making with the incorrect technique. So I think that means to finish it, I need to go back to the wrong technique and why does this project not look wonky?

So I'm nervous, can I remember the wrong technique enough to make this look right the wrong way? And afterwards, will I be able to remember the right technique for new projects. Oh yeah, I have two scarves that I set aside to start the sock knitting (which apparently is caused by a virus in our County). Said scarves are being knit in the incorrect manner as well, and so what's to be done with them? Is there a record set somewhere for the most times a project has been frogged???

On to MDSW transportation quandry. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm going on a bus trip to MDSW. Discussion with Mr. APK re what car I'm going to leave at the bus stop mine or his. Mine is a little more comfortable for longer drives, and his is sportier and quicker. Right now mine has more trunk room as his generally has either broadcast equipment, hockey equipment bag (never, ever unzip a hockey equipment bag. I mean never.), golf bag etc. He suggests that I take his as his trunk is full with what I call a sporting goods store. But the sporting goods store doesn't have the exact items he needs on Saturday, but it has what he needs on Monday. So rather than move a lot of things around it does make sense that he would use my car. But of course, it gives me the perfect opportunity to say, "But I won't have enough room in your car to put all my yarn" To which I get what we call "The Look". Priceless!! He tolerates me so well.


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