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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I had a productive evening of knitting and I'm doing a happy dance. I grafted the strap of my purse to it's body, picked up stitches and made a flap, and then found some instructions for a buttonhole and voila - the knitting is done. I have to weave in all the ends and then I want to line it. Because of all the junk necessary things I carry in my purse, I need to line the bottom of it with plastic canvas. A trip to my LFS is scheduled after work tomorrow. I hope to be home in time to take some pictures in natural light of the purse and liner.

Of course once I was finished with my knitting I went out to You Knit What and what do I see but a purple poodle masquerading as a purse. Great timing. It's enough to make anyone rethink the need for a knitted purse.

OH MY GOSH!! Edmonton just won Game 5 in overtime with a short handed breakaway goal by Pisani. This series is going back to Edmonton for Game 6. Guess I know what I'll be watching on TV Saturday night.



Anonymous Dipsy said...

Yeah, GO OILERS!!! I just watched the re-run of last night's game and I almost got a heart attack - it's unbelievable what a hell of a fight these guys put up, they just HAVE to win the Cup! If I wouldn't go to Cyprus next week, I'd jump into the next plane for Edmonton to give them my support - no kidding here, I'm dead serious!
That big butt purse at "You Knit What" kicks major ass in the true sense of meaning :) I'm absolutely sure that your purse is way, way cooler! I'd love to see the pics of the finished piece in all its glory!

7:49 AM, June 15, 2006  
Blogger Joanne M said...

Definitely post some pictures of your new purse... sounds great! And Edmonton! I know - I couldn't watch last night (i.e., I was keeping my eyes on my knitting) because I was expecting the worst and then that beautiful goal by Pisani. Fabulous!

8:44 AM, June 15, 2006  

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