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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That was a Road Trip

After 2500 and some miles, road construction areas, toll roads, one car punted into off roading, a tipped over transport truck, 7 tanks of gas, 9 states, 5 different hotel rooms, and numerous service centers for a plethora of both good and bad coffee MFB and I are finally home. I didn't mention the number of bad drivers because we lost count.

In the same vein as Stephanie keeping her sock and us entertained, here is my sock at the World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa along I-80. The sock wanted ice cream.

I did make a fair amount of progress on most of the projects I took with me; I finished the scarf made with the souvenir yarn from Arizona, I'm almost ready to start the ribbing on the sock, and the thing I am most excited about is that I finished the monotonous strap on the purse and am ready to graft the end on to the body.

I am now at a stand still for the purse because I don't know how to graft. Yet. I see a visit to my online teacher in the near future, because now I'm anxious to get the purse finished.

I ran into some knitting frustration on the trip with the souvenir yarn from my trip to Westchester Arizona. I just can't find a stitch pattern that I like with this stuff. I keep knitting about 4 inches and ripping. I have a feeling this stuff may end up just being souvenir and not an item.

Here is a picture of my sock all the way in South Dakota. On Friday when we arrived the temperature was high 80's. On Saturday it didn't make it over 60, with rain, high winds and tornado warnings (or was it watches?) about 60 miles away in Mitchell. The sock was taking in a view of the corn field from our Motel parking lot. We stayed here Friday night and Saturday night.

Staying connected over the weekend was via landline, print media and television. Cell phone? No cell phone service for about 20 miles around in any direction. Internet? Uhhh, no. I'm sure this is not the only motel in existence without internet. So for a couple of days we were plugged in and connected to family, which was a far more satisfying connection than the internet.

We had an absolutely wonderful family reunion and will write about that in another post. My family is spread out across Montana, Arizona, Ohio, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, and California to name a few of the states. I believe the only ones who are still on the road headed home are my parents who are currently in New Mexico headed to Arizona. As happy to be together as we all were, I hope all are as happy as I to be home. I pray for the safe return of all.


Blogger Joanne M said...

Sounds like a wonderful reunion! (And a LOT of driving - yikes)

11:02 PM, June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

So glad to have you back, Barb, I missed you! Seems you had such a great get-together with your family - the trip itself sounds pretty stressful to say the least, but then again fun and entertaining, no? Love the progress you did on your socks, and mind you, I'd love to read more about the reunion and have a look at many pics *hint hint*!

12:36 AM, June 14, 2006  

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