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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Texture and Travel

A quick post before Road Trip 2006. One thing to make the trip easier is MFB just installed XM satellite radio in the Volvo. I've been test driving the XM on the daily commute and it's niiiiiice. We travel up to Canada at least 4 times a year and the price has come way down on this since it was first introduced so it was good timing. The car is packed except for dual laptops (ok so we're a little plugged in and turned on) and my knitting so at noon, we'll hop onto I-80 and brave the summer road construction er summer vacation travelers and set the cruise control.

I've been thinking about texture a lot lately. It started the other day when we had chicken salad melt sandwiches for a change. It had to be on TOASTED english muffin.

My name is Barbara and I am a Sheet and Towel Snob. Our bed linens are 400 thread count and they feel so nice. The sheets are bought only when we find them on sale and surprisingly enough we can generally find them on sale at least twice a year. The other day MFB saw some 500 thread count on sale and almost bought them but he restrained himself. (One has to draw the line somewhere, eh?) So it's not just me. The sheets don't pill and they wear much longer. The bath towels are Spa Towels. No big loop towels for us. Those long loops snag and pull, and after 3 months or so they start looking very worn. The spa towel has much shorter loops but they are very densely packed together. Necklaces and rings don't snag them and like the sheets they wear longer.

On to clothing, micro fiber and mercerized cotton for everything. MFB is the same. If it feels nice to the touch that's what we want.

So of course when it comes to knitting I am starting to really appreciate the nicer quality yarns over the "fun furs" etc. Granted there is definitely a time and place for the fun fur.

So I give you my travel bag for Road Trip 2006. I have four projects I'm taking with me.
#1 The toe up socks in progress with the Sockotta cotton wool blend - because it feels so good.
#2 The blue St Johns Wort pattern purse - because it feels so good and wants to go .
#3 The scarf with the souvenir yarn from Arizona - wants to meet family and knit for hockey
#4 A scarf from souvenir yarn from Westchester PA - hockey yarn to knit a win for the Oilers

Let's see we are leaving tomorrow at noon and I have to be back at work Tuesday morning at 7:00am. I hope this keeps me busy in the car.

I believe that XM might be broadcasting the NHL. Oilers have a job ahead of them. Go Oilers.


Blogger Michelle said...

Have a great trip. Safe driving and all.

11:14 PM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Joanne said...

Hi Barb... Have a wonderful, and safe trip. I'm glad to hear that you like XM. I just got it, but it hasn't been installed yet. Go Oilers!! I'll be watching your blog for your return. :-)

10:33 AM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger Joanne M said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy the XM - hopefully, you'll be in PP before the next game is on. You sure won't get very far in Canada without stumbling over the hockey game on TV.

p.s. The Oilers need help. Yikes. Poor Roly.

11:01 PM, June 07, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Ahhh, your bed linens sound so cozy! I usually refuse to buy anything that's overly high prized (at least over here), but with some things quality just has to come before a good price, that's for sure. And considering the fact that we spend so much time sleeping in our lives, we just have to treat us to something high quality then, right?
Gosh, the Oliers sure had a job to do last night, but what a bad one they did! 5:0, I mean, hell, do they want to go down in shame? Bad game of theirs overall, they fought too little, were too slow and didn't seem to have much to show to the Canes - duh :( They sure need help!
Do have a safe trip to the Holy Hockey Land with YFB, enjoy your time there to the fullest and come back safely, will you?

3:18 AM, June 08, 2006  

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