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Monday, May 15, 2006

How golf is similar to knitting

It's an old golf joke I heard and changed the word golf to knitting: "You know why they call it knitting don't you? Because *%$# was already taken."

I was knitting away on my toe up socks from Wendy's pattern feeling really good about my progress. I was about 10 rows into the second half of the short row heel when reality hit me. Nothing wrong with the pattern mind you, it was the execution by the knitter - which about 15mins later I was ready to be asked to be executed. When I picked up the wraps on my pearl rows I twisted them onto the needle. Now I didn't twist them when following the same basic insruction on the second half of working on the toe, so why would I do it on the heel?? Go figure.

By twisting the picked up wraps it made the heel really bulky and I knew it would hurt my feet. So I thought I could rip the heel back to where I started twisting the wraps. Why I didn't twist it on all the rows, I don't know. That didn't work well. So I ripped it back some more. Again - work? Nah, not so much. I had to rip it back all the way to where I began the short row heel. What was that word again? Well whatever your favorite swear word is I probably thought it.

I've made progress, I'm back to where I was when I realized the um (deep breath here) mistake, yeah mistake that's a good word. I'm back to liking my sock again.

This week, May 14-20 is National Police Week . My favorite blogger has a terrific post today about it. He's more eloquent than I, you may want to see what he has to say. My friend who first taught me to knit was a Sheriff's Deputy in Colorado.


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oops :=) I love that converted-to-knitting-golf-saying, it's oh so true! Well, it seems we knitters are trying something new all the time, and obviously we can only learn through trial and error! I sure feel with you, ripping my socks like mad at the moment too. But you'll see, now it's going to work for you, I just know that!
Thank you for sharing the link to your friend's post about National Police Week, I'm gonna read through it right now as it seems so interesting!

1:40 AM, May 16, 2006  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

You already way ahead of me. I haven't tried Wendy's pattern because of the short rows and the provisional cast on. But I'm going to get over both this summer! :)

I had no idea there even *was* a national police week. As a retired cop's daughter, thanks for putting this up!


5:51 AM, May 17, 2006  

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