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Friday, May 12, 2006

Letting go...

Yes the Ducks proved to be Mighty and defeated my Avalanche last night. It's tough living in PA when your team alliegance is still Out West. Trying to stay up to watch a 10:00pm game start when you start work at 7:30am is downright brutal. I fell asleep after the Ducks scored their second goal. I think that was the second period. It wasn't just that my team lost, but that they were swept under the carpet, out the door, into the street, under the wheels of a .....

Sheesh I sound a little bitter don't I? It's just a game after all and someone has to loose. Oh well, better luck next year team and to all you fellow knitters who are also hockey fans, a couple you will find here and here, best of luck to your teams as they continue their quest.

Only a little knitting went on this evening as we are preparing for our first and hopefully only yard sale. Of course we organized it very last minute (when we got home from work). No advertisement was done, but it seems to us that the area is yard sale friendly so we hope we'll have luck. It will be early up for us in the morning to move everything outside and hope for a rain free day. Should be able to get some knitting done while waiting for potential customers.

Not much knitting tonight but last night was my usual get together with my group. We were only eight strong as I think the nasty rain moving through the valley may have kept some regulars at home. But what a hoot! It's been a while since last I laughed so hard, and this is in the small local library. The gracious help of the expeirenced knitters, and the camaraderie of all is a joy. The two hours flew by.

Off for my beauty sleep HAH!


Blogger Joanne M said...

'Hope the yard sale is going strong but that you have enough time to get some knitting in. Sorry to hear about the Avs. Joe Sakic looked like he lost his best friend during Game 3... I can't imagine how he did last night.

2:00 PM, May 13, 2006  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

Sorry about your Avs! Not a nice way to go out. You can always jump on the Sabres bandwagon though. ;)


9:46 AM, May 14, 2006  

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