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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The hangover was tough but by reading several blogs which I'll call my support group, I've made it through the dark and the sheep and fibre are now letting me get a good nights sleep. I'm knitting again.

I finished my SOCK. It's actually a sock! Here's the comparison which may help me to embrace the pre requisite swatch.

The Wool is Super Socks Dazzle with a Pattons pattern for Pattons Kroy socks. I've decided to frog the leg warmer and make a pair. The mate to the sock will have to wait.

I started another pair of socks two nights ago with a different pattern. I'm using Wendy's Generic Toe Up Sock Pattern with Plymouth Sockotta. Sockotta is a cotton, superwash wool and nylon combo. So far I love this pattern and really liking the yarn. From what I've heard, knitters either love or hate Sockotta. I think I may be falling for it, it's the texture.

The torture shot hasn't helped so far. I still haven't picked up the St. John's Wort textured purse.

Along with my knitting I have a brown thumb alert. Friends were over for brunch a couple weekends ago and brought a lovely Gerbena Daisy plant for me. I finally planted it outside in the future garden area today as it's not surviving indoors. A couple hours later it's perked up. I hope to nurse it along. I'm not so good at gardening, so I'll see what happens.

We have an Avalanche alert as well. The alert is that the Colorado Avalanche (aka my hockey team) may end being seen on the 1st Tee of a Golf Course near you, sooner than I hoped. They have lost three straight in the second round of the playoffs, to the Ducks. That's right a horde of Ducks are defeating a team named for a natural disaster that movies have been made of!

I generally like ducks, I really do. I break for ducks in fact as where we live they have a tendency to waddle, sit and carry on their duck disputes in the middle of the road while I'm commuting. They don't realize that a car is bigger than them, they just look at me and carry on. I've never seen one with skates. I've never seen one with a helmut, or drop the gloves at center ice, or yelled at a linesm...

Sorry, I'm whining aren't I? It's unattractive isn't it? Maybe I shouldn't watch the next game - yeah like that's going to happen. I'll just knit throught it - that should make it bearable.


Blogger Joanne M said...

I'll be cheering on the Colorado Nordiques ;-) - who on earth would want the "Mighty" Ducks to win the Stanley Cup. I can't even begin to describe what a travesty that would be!

9:54 PM, May 10, 2006  

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