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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Rather than a shot of the sock in progress, I offer you a couple shots of the finished sock. Yes - Happy Dance.

The sock fits just a little loose right now and I also (not on purpose mind you) made the sock about 1/2 inch longer on the foot than I needed. I followed the pattern instructions for a wider foot but I also have 7 stitches to the inch rather than 8 on my finished gauge. I'll make some adjustments on the second sock.

My Favorite Blogger's employer had a "We Survived the Winter" party for employees and their families at the local bowling alley last night. Since it's a 24-7 concern (employer, not the bowling alley) I think it's a teriffic idea to have a party where the kids are included especially when you consider one of their parents may not be working a standard 9-5 job. I did not bowl. I like to bowl, but since the foot I broke a while back still nags at me I thought I'd be smart and be a member of the gallery. Good decision, especially since last I bowled was at last years survival party. If you bowl, you know it takes coordination and balance, two things I am not well known for right now. After watching for the first hour and a half, I gave into the urge and went out to the car for my knitting bag. Spent the last hour happily knitting away and cheering on MFB and the very nice family he was bowling with. Should I be embarrassed??? Oh well, I have no shame.

Before the party, MFB and I stopped at an electronics store in town to kill some time. I've been complaining (ok whining, snivelling and being an all around malcontent which in our house we refer to as a WSM) about our digital camera not working well for pictures of my yarn, so he suggested we look at cameras. After talking to a very helpful salesman, we came away with good info and I thought I would do some searching at epinions and also ask MFB's hurricane partner for some advice. Today MFB gave me the manual for our camera and after some reading and some fooling around with the camera this is what I came up with.

Maybe I don't need a new camera after all. I didn't know there was a macro type setting on it. I'll never be a great photographer but I think I can stay with the camera we have.

I received a post card from my LYS and they are having a Memorial Day weekend sale. You don't have to guess where I'll be that weekend. I want to find some yarn for the Snakes pattern Joanne sent me this week. She says the pattern shows best with a solid color wool, all I have is mutli colored. Nice meeting her, she's a Canadian, living in Colorado, an Avalance fan and a knitter! She also has info on Regia Canadian Fashion Colors sock yarn.

Happy Victoria Day weekend to all you Canadians out there.

And to my Mother-In-Law, Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! A girl couldn't ask for better in laws.


Blogger Joanne M said...

Huh! Two Canadian Joanne's living in the US that knit and watch hockey... what are the odds? Well, I'm the Leafs fan and the non-sock knitter living at sea level. :-) There should be an easy way to distinguish! Knitted sock looks fantastic and that is an awesome macro setting - wish my camera had one.

9:44 PM, May 20, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Hey, congrats on the sock, it looks fabulous - I love these cheerful colors!
And no, you definitely shouldn't be ashamed for knitting in the bowling alley, in the contrary, what better thing is there to do if you can't or won't bowl? Great thing, I would have loved to join you!

3:34 AM, May 21, 2006  

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