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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reunion Memories Part Deux

Another day, another road trip. In this case it was also another family reunion. This past weekend MFB and I traveled up to for his.

Saturday morning was the family traveling to the Albion Hills Conservation Area for a gathering of the clan. Relatives from as far away as South Africa (who just moved to Canada two months ago) were in attendance including the oldest family member who I believe is quite proud of her age but I will give an age range of 90-94. As I told one of MFB's uncle's the last time I'd had this much fun was in South Dakota at my reunion. We reconnected with family we hadn't seen in years and met some we'd never met before. This family reminds me of my own, rock solid, with the family as priority over anything else.

I promised proof of a FO and here it is. My Topi hat, but it's not mine any longer. One of the problems with family is that they are honest. So every time I modeled Topi, there were snickers and sometimes outright laughter. I'm sure it was meant kindly My charming and intelligent niece modeled the hat and the compliments flew. I was talented, such nice detail, it looked so nice on her, I have a round face she does not. See how nice it looks on her? My niece is now the proud owner of the hat. The hat is American, so I think I have to get Landed Knitted Status for it as it stayed with the Canadian.

All too soon the reunion was over. As we were driving our son home, we heard a muffled explosion. We looked at each other wondering what it was, nothing seemed wrong, must have been another car, right?

Wrong! Sunday morning was the hottest day on the hottest weekend of the summer, heading home with only hot air from the air conditioner. Reports that the muffled explosion we heard was the air conditioner compressor blowing it's working parts to smithereens are as yet unconfirmed, but the fact that we drove from Port Perry Ontario to Central PA sweating our tushies off in a car with black leather interior, are a pretty good indication that my cars air conditioner is FUBAR. (sorry Mom)

The traveling sock was a little grouchy with this, heah who can blame a wool sock when it's dehydrated? So we stopped at one of our favorite places for a quick chicken dinner. Go figure, their air conditioner wasn't working either. The sock and a stock of Timmy's made it back across the border with no problems. We were welcomed back to the by a US Customs and Border Protection officer with a personality who agreed, that Timmy's is definitely worth brining into the US.


Anonymous twig said...

Glad you had a good time at the reunion and that the topi hat found a nice head to live on.

11:06 PM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Wow, this reunion sounds so much fun! I wish me or CM would have such a big family, I imagine such meetings to be just great, giving a very warm feeling of being loved!
Well, I have to admit that the Topi Hat suits your niece just perfectly, as if it would have been made just for her - she's a real beauty by the way!
Oy! So sorry to hear about the air conditioning of your car, I can only begin to imagine how you've been melting away without it! Thanks for sharing these great impressions of your meeting!

3:22 AM, July 19, 2006  

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