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Monday, August 21, 2006

The sun is shining

When I drive to work in the morning the sun is behind me and so of course on the way home the same is true. I'm lucky that way as I don't have to worry about the sun blinding me the way drivers passing me do. But this morning was different. The sun shining in my rear view mirror blinded me, and it can only mean one thing, fall is fast approaching. I love the instensity of the light that comes from the changing angle of the sun. Everything the sunlight hit this morning seemed to reflect the light back like a mirror. The colors seem more intense and the air provides that strange feeling of energy mixed with relaxation. A few leaves have fallen but for the most part the colors are still green but this is definitely the time of year when you see the many shades of green in this world.

Saturday evening on our way into town for the Roast of the Coach, we passed by a whole group gaggle flock herd of turkeys and across the highway from them were three young deer. The turkeys are another sign that fall is around the corner. Perfect time to knit outside while relaxing on the deck.

On Saturday I was knitting away on my sock and one of my dpns snapped in half. In half I tell you. That never happened to me before. I just bought these bamboo needles and I swear I think I was shocked. Luckily the YS I bought them from will replace them. I just won't get there till later this week.

I started what a lot of others seem to be knitting right now, Fetching from Knitty. I'm using Filatura Di Crosa Zara Merino Wool color 1510 which is a light pink. Here is my progress but unfortunately I have a problem. In some places the wool is very thin or strands are ripped or maybe a little pest problem??? I am now examining the second ball; I'm afraid my progress is destined to be ripped out and pitched. Hopefully there's nothing wrong with the second ball. I did a gauge swatch (shocked myself too) but even though I was very close to gauge I think I'm going to do this on a larger needle as it seems too tight. It has been a decade and a half years since doing cables. I'm using a dpn in place of a cable needle and I'm learning that the dpn is so long it really slows me down. I'll need to pick up the cable needle when I replace the broken dpn.

I'm enjoying this pattern and will probably make a couple pairs in different colors. When I was a teenager living in Montana I had a case of frost nip on my hands when skiing and now I always have a problem keeping my hands warm when the weather gets cold. That includes my office in the summer as the air conditioning is always running and the vent is right over my desk.


Anonymous twig said...

I'm preparing for winter by knitting a "walking Hannah" bonnet, but I plan to do Fetching too because I have no heat in my office (other than a space heater).

I love summer. I love the heat. And the humidity. Winter is not my friend.

Herd of turkeys? *laugh* I'd say "a whole bunch"

2:42 AM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger Ava said...

Hi, I found these instructions for knitting cables without a cable needle:

Can't vouch for it, but it looks like it's worth a try!

2:47 PM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger Ava said...

let me know how it works. I have that Michael Kors cardi to finish and it's all cable!

7:33 PM, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Autumn is around the corner over here as well, actually at nights and in the mornings it's very clear it's here already - the ivy on our balcony has turned red and yellow by now, argh - a bit early in the year, I'd say! I love autumn a lot too, the changing of the colors and the different light it brings - and added to that, hockey season's going to start, so what more could someone ask for? ;)
Your Fetchings are coming along so fine, I couldn't detect any differences in the yarn on the pic. The yarn I did mine with was also something completely different than the pattern asked for, it's been some sort of a mohair mixture with thicker and thinner parts of the strands as well - but it made for a really interesting look :)

4:04 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I love your sock pattern. They look so soft.

1:48 PM, August 25, 2006  

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