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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who called me a procrastinator?

Well you were right. My Huggable Hedgehog still isn't felted. Here are a couple of shots to let you see where it's been stalled for at least a week. I just need to fill in a couple of expected holes and weave in the ends - I should try to do that today. In between laundry, lawn mowing, more interior painting and keeping a guest entertained as MFB and said Guest plans for the weekend just had a 3 Iron thrown into it (more on that later) and a Roast to go to (roast is a continuation of MFB and Guest weekend itinerary.)

I was knitting away on my Feather and Fan socks and all of a sudden discovered that they would be way too big so I frogged it and started over. Here is my current progress. This is with Knit Picks Dancing color 23593 which I picked up at MDSW. Of course as with Sockotta when I did it with one number of stitches the color patterning was totally different than it is this way. I love this color pooling though. The yarn feels a lot like Sockotta.

The weekend Guest is MFB's broadcast partner for the hockey team he does play by play for. Guest lives and works in Philadelphia and drives about 4 hours every weekend during hockey season to be part of the broadcast. The team's long time coach went on to a new position with Penn State and so this weekend is the final farewell for Coach.

Today is a casual golf outing at 9:00am at one of the golf courses then a dinner and Roast for Coach and tomorrow is the annual charity golf tournament to benefit the team and booster club. MFB and Guest are golfing and I am one of the course volunteers during the tournament tomorrow.

The monkey wrench 3 Iron for the weekend is this. MFB and Guest just called and upon arrival at the casual golf outing they discovered the outing had been switched to another course and delayed until noon. So they head off to the other course and find out the cost is almost three times as much as the first course (y'all golf is not cheap to begin with). So they decide to hit a bucket of balls on the driving range before heading back home and Guest's 3 Iron club head decided to separate from the shaft and flew about 80 yards down range. Guest retrieved the club head and assures me that his 3 Iron shot normally goes much further than 80 yards. Guest is not a happy golfer right now as he bought the whole set of clubs in Philly two months ago.

Rain is predicted for later this afternoon and for tomorrow. I have a nice comfy camp chair for tomorrow, a golf umbrella, cooler and knitting projects. I'm good. I'll leave the frustration that normally comes along with a round of golf to the guys.

Edited: Almost forgot - update on the Volvo. Luckily the injury didn't require a visit to the doctor. MFB called the doctor who said we could order just a piece of mirror to replace the cracked one for a small amount of money or order the OEM heated mirror replacement for about $40 more. We decided to order the OEM as the heated mirrors are one of the many reasons why I like the car. MFB did the replacement himself and it works great. If we had just bought the mirror replacement I could have used the extra money it cost to buy a couple of real nice skeins of handpainted sock yarn. I know, I know - Bad Knitter. More yarn or creature comfort in the winter? I'm all about comfort.


Anonymous twig said...

Yes, maybe you could have bought handpainted yarn with the money you saved, but this way with a heated mirror in the dead of winter when everyone else's side view mirrors are iced over you can stick your foot (clothed in a handknit sock, of course) out the window and admire the top of the sock while SIMULTANEOUSLY admiring the bottom in the mirror. What could be better?

The joy of that can be experienced over and over again while using new yarn would only last as long as the project.

3:27 PM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

Oh, I love your hedge hog. Cant wait to see it felted. How cute!
I also like the sock, to get the same pooling effect in second sock make sure you start yarn in same spot as the first one. I love knit picks yarns for socks. It seems to have a lot of streatch. great work Barbara!

10:54 AM, August 20, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Ah, how good is that, having hockey guests over - a lot of hockey talk this weekend, no? Perfect! And hey, may I come over and hug your little hedge hog? :)What a cutie it is, I'm totally in love with it! And your socks are coming along so fine, this colorline is fantastic and I love the pooling too!
Oh, good news about the Volvo, no doctor's visit, I'm really relieved to hear that! I'm all for heated mirrors too - definitely the right decision! You know, there'll still be some money hidden someplace for a bit of yarn or such ;)

2:19 PM, August 20, 2006  
Blogger Peri said...

I LOVE your hedgehog! Would you share the pattern for it and the blanket buddy with me so I can give them to my mother, who has already blown more than $100 on a baby that's currently 2 inches long? (She has bought the fetus-grandchild WAY more androgynous clothing and blankets and toys than some kids get at their mother's shower. It's scary -- if this is the predictor, this child will be WAY too spoiled for any reason or rational behaviror to enter its young mind!)

See, I figure that if her hands aren't idle, then she can't drive to another baby store for at least another few weeks. She's a novice knitter. :-D

Wow, I gotta add that I LOVE twig's rationale on the money allocation. I would PAY to see you driving -- heck, just sitting still in that contorted position -- with a socked foot out the window! LOL!!!

7:05 AM, August 22, 2006  

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