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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Peri

Today is my friend Peri's birthday. Happy Birthday dear friend and confidant. MFB and I hope your day is terrific. Sorry about the crummy weather we're having (it's not his fault). LOL


Anonymous twig said...

*Sure* it's not.

Happy Birthday Peri

8:34 AM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger Peri said...

Thank you so much for the b-day shout-out! I am blog-honored. ;-)

10:10 PM, September 05, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Happy Birthday, Peri, from all the way across the ocean!

4:09 AM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger Peri said...

Vielen dank, Dipsy! :-)

Ich werde mehr Deutsch schreiben, als ich alles von dem Gymnasium und der Ueniversitaet gelernt vergessen! (Ich weiss nicht, vie mann umlaut auf dem Komputer schreiben. Und ich weiss auch, dass ich viele grammatische Probleme geschreiben habe! Ach, meine gute! Na ja, dieses klein Brief war sehr "fun" [??? ich vergesse das richtige Wort] fuer mich zu schreiben! Ich hoffe, dass meinen schlectes Deutsch nicht zuviel schlecht war!)

For you English speakers: I have no idea how poor the grammar in that paragraph was, but it was fun to try to recall the German I learned in high school and college! It would behoove me to try to write more of it before it all escapes my memory! And I really should learn how to type an umlaut. (like I need more keyboard shortcuts to remember...!)

11:46 PM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger Peri said...

Ach! A typo noticed already! "Dank" should have been capitalized. Thank goodness I'm an editor of English writing, not German, or I'd be sooo fired! ;-)

11:47 PM, September 06, 2006  

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